Institutional Research

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Institutional Research strives to produce timely and quality information to provide insights that allow us to better serve our students and community. We are committed to providing data products and analytical support, while continually improving our information base, for the purpose of decision-making and accountability. This is accomplished through various compliance reporting and assessment surveys including: IPEDS compliance reporting, National Community College Benchmarking Project (NCCBP), Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and various State of Missouri reporting initiatives. In addition, we work with administration, faculty and staff to provide accurate data for policy and planning, ad-hoc requests, grant support and program evaluation.

Many of our metrics can be found on this page and throughout the website. For additional information or data requests, please follow the records request procedure through the Custodian of Records at MSU-Springfield campus.

Missouri State University-West Plains Institutional Research is located in the Academic Affairs office in the Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center, Suite 206. 128 Garfield Ave.West Plains, MO 65775
Carrie Steen
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: (417) 255-8083