Academic Advising

For college experiences to be as meaningful as possible, students need to gather information and develop goals that provide the basis for decisions relating to coursework and future plans. To assure that students realize their maximum educational potential, academic advisors help students clarify their goals and develop educational plans to meet those goals.

Office of Advising and Academic Support academic advisors are proactive, which means the advisor takes the initiative. Advisors do not wait for students to have academic problems, but contact them to set up appointments throughout the course of the year.

Advisor Contact Information

Q. Why should I meet with my academic advisor?

Degree seeking students should meet with their academic advisor each semester in order to ensure progress towards a timely graduation and to obtain the Alt PIN that is necessary for registration. Make an appointment by phone, by University email or by signing up on the schedule posted on your advisor's door.

Q. Do I have to meet with my advisor in person?

Students may contact their advisor by phone, by University email or by making an office visit.

Q. How do I find my advisor?

Your advisor's name is in the Grizzly Den.

Or, contact the Office of Advising and Academic Support in Hass-Darr Hall room 107, at 417-255-7222, or email

Once you visit with your advisor & receive your Alt PIN you are ready to register!

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