Budget Communication & Transparency

The purpose of the Budget Planning Committee is to review and recommend operating budget programs, priorities, and funding allocations. The Budget Planning Committee is made up of faculty and staff from the following areas:

  • Chancellor
  • Associate-Vice Chancellor for Business and Support Services, Chair
  • Accounting Manager, Ex-officio
  • Associate Dean, General Studies
  • Associate Dean, Nursing
  • Associate Vice-Chancellor for Information Technology Services
  • Associate Vice-Chancellor for University Communications
  • Athletic Director
  • Bookstore Manager
  • Coordinator, Student Life and Development
  • Dean for Career and Technical Education
  • Director of Admissions
  • Director, Autism Transition Program
  • Director of Development and Annual Giving
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of Fitness and Athletic Training
  • Director of Workforce Development Programs
  • Faculty Senate Chair
  • Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
  • Registrar, Registration and Records
  • Staff Senate President
  • Staff Senate President-Elect
  • SGA President
  • Student Services Systems Coordinator
  • Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  • Vice-Chancellor of Student Services

Budget Summaries

The information below contains a summary of the most recent fiscal year budgeted operating expenses as approved by the Missouri State University Board of Governors.

Annual Budgets

The West Plains campus is included within the System budget, but for accreditation purposes it is broken out separately.

Financial Audit Reports

State Appropriations

System Budgets Information

Additional information can be found within the System budget documents on the financial services website.


October 11, 2023
3-4:30 p.m.
Dean Marvin Green Room
Budget Review Committee
Occurs bi-weekly through May
Dean Marvin Green Room
Budget Review Committee