What kind of degree can I get?

Bachelor's Degree

This degree is also known as the four-year degree (but it often takes more than four calendar years to complete), an undergraduate degree, or baccalaureate degree. It can be a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Applied Science. Bachelor of Arts degrees sometimes require four semesters of a foreign language. If you choose this degree, you need to plan the sequence of these courses as soon as you transfer. A bachelor's degree usually has at least 125 hours, including the associate's degree hours. Meeting certification requirements in some areas will require more than 125 hours.

Master's Degree

This is one of the degrees known as a graduate degree. These degrees are for those wanting to complete additional work in a special area. These degrees require a minimum of 30 hours.

Professional Degree

Some degrees (such as law or medicine) require admittance into a specific program that often leads to a doctor's degree.

Doctor's Degree

Further specialization is possible with a doctor's degree. This graduate degree typically requires a minimum of 60 hours beyond the master's degree.