Transferring from Missouri State-West Plains

Missouri Department of Higher Education's Transfer Students: Your Rights & Responsibilities information sheet (PDF 21 KB) Text Version

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42-Hour General Education Transfer Block:

The Coordinating Board for the Higher Education in Missouri approved a new general education transfer policy in 2000. This policy requires all participating institutions (public and private) in the state to designate a general education block consisting of at least 42 semester hours of credit which addresses 8 state-defined general education goals. Students who complete the 42-hour general education block at Missouri State-West Plains may transfer to another participating institution and have their block treated as equivalent to the general education block of the receiving institution.

Information about the Associate of Arts in General Studies which contains the 42-hour block of general education courses can be found at:

Note: Any general education classes outside the 42-hour block that are required of all students at the receiving institution may also be required of incoming transfer students.