Emergency Procedures by Building - Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center

Fire Procedures

In the event of a fire or similar emergency, all occupants of Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center should:

  • Evacuate immediately using marked exits; last persons out close all doors;
  • Assemble either at 1) the Northeast corner of the Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center grounds in the grassy area by the dumpsters (intersection of Missouri and Cass) or 2) the green space at the corner of Main and Franklin (adjacent to the south parking lot of Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center). Ideally, access this green space by proceeding along the grassy area on the west side of the parking lot. In all cases, stay away from streets and parking lots.
  • Await further instructions from building supervisors and/or emergency management personnel.

Tornado Procedures

In the event tornado sirens are sounded or communication from the police is relayed to the campus, all occupants of Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center should take shelter in any room on the lower level.

Earthquake Procedures

Drop, cover and hold on! Move only a few steps to a nearby safe place (e.g., under a sturdy table or desk). Most injured persons in earthquakes move more than five feet during the shaking. It is very dangerous to try to leave a building during an earthquake because objects can fall on you. Many fatalities occur when people run outside of buildings, only to be injured by falling debris from collapsing walls. In U.S. buildings, you are safer to stay where you are. After the shaking has stopped, if you go outside, move quickly away from the building to prevent injury from falling debris.

Campus Assistance

Call (417) 836-5509 for escort services between classrooms and parking lots, for assistance with vehicle trouble or similar needs.

Emergency: Police, Fire, Medical, etc. - Call 911