Grade Appeals

A student who believes he/she has reason to request a grade change, has one academic year to file the change, following the term in which the grade was assigned. To request a grade change, the student must:

  1. Write a formal letter to the instructor (or to the appropriate division chair if the instructor is no longer on campus) requesting a re-evaluation of his/her performance in the course;
  2. Provide the following information in the letter: Name and BearPass number; course number, title and section; semester and year taken; name of instructor; a clear statement of the grade change request and reasons which justify the request.

Faculty members, upon receipt of a student’s request for a grade change, will review their records, then respond in writing to students in a timely fashion. If it is determined a student’s request is justified, the faculty member will prepare a Grade Change Authorization and submit it to the division chair who will forward it to the office of registration and records. A faculty member may not change an 'F' grade to a 'W' in those cases in which the student did not follow the proper procedures for dropping the course.

A student may appeal a negative decision of the faculty member to the appropriate department head, division chair and, if necessary, to the vice chancellor of academic affairs or his/her designee. The department head, division chair and the vice chancellor of academic affairs or his/her designee shall attempt to resolve the issue through mediation, but the responsibility for the student’s grade remains with the faculty member.

In cases that cannot be resolved, the student may appeal to the Academic Concerns Committee.

The faculty member who assigned the original grade will be informed of any action taken and reasons for such action.

Requests Based Upon Exceptions to University Policy:

In those cases in which the grade received by the student is the result of University policy rather than a faculty member’s evaluation of performance in a course (e.g., an F resulting from failure to remove an I grade in the time allowed or failure to officially drop a course), the student’s written appeal should be directed to the vice chancellor of academic affairs or his/her designee.

Requests for Grade Changes Made After an Extended Period:

Appeals for changes in a student's academic record, after one academic year from the end of the term in which the grade was assigned, must be submitted to the vice chancellor of academic affairs or his/her designee. Such appeals will be considered by the Academic Concerns Committee only if there were extenuating circumstances.