Frequently Asked Questions About Academic Help

Where do I get tutors? How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring is free and can be obtained at the Grizzly tutoring lab, (417) 255-7277 or (417) 255-8082, located in Melton Hall 114 or through Chat Central, for help in English the Grizzly writing lab can be found in Garnett library

What do I do if I can't get my faculty advisor to return my call or email?

Should you need assistance with registration, the advisors in Advisement and Academic Coaching Center for Empowering Student Success (AACCESS) can assist you. However, if you desire to bring the lack of response to someone's attention you should contact the office of academic affairs, (417) 255-7272, in Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center 206 for assistance.

If I get a 'C' in a class I need for my major, will I have to retake it?

No, this is considered a passing grade, as long as it is not a prerequisite for another class that is required in the major and doesn't drop your GPA below 2.0. If it is, the course will have to be retaken to achieve at least a 'C' and put your GPA average at 2.0 or above.

How can I enroll in a Springfield class when it is closed?

You can contact the instructor via email and ask for permission to be admitted to the course by getting a "closed level" override form, available from the office of the registrar, (417) 836-5520, in Springfield.

Can I be enrolled as a West Plains student and a Springfield student?

Yes, this is allowed for all majors and degrees that overlap the two campus programs.

What happens when I repeat a course in which I received an 'F'?

You receive credit for the course if passing it on the second try. The original 'F' will not be counted against your grade average but will still appear on the transcript.

What is TRiO?

TRiO is a supportive community that helps eligible students make a successful transition to college and reach their goal of graduation. Students are encouraged to improve their study skills, explore career options, visit four-year campuses, improve financial management skills and develop leadership skills as they plan for their futures. To benefit from TRiO services, students must be a US citizen or permanent resident and attending as a full-time, degree seeking student. Additionally, federal guidelines require the participants meet one or more of the following criteria: Students who are First Generation college students, Students who meet family income guidelines, or Students with documented disabilities. Students who feel they meet the requirements of the program are encouraged to learn more at the TRiO website, or call (417) 255-7941.

What is the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)?

 A program for students who placed in writing 100 but would like to try to do both 100 and 110 in one semester.

What are the MathLab classes about?

They are math classes using a computer mediation to facilitate students' learning. MathLab classes offer support for varying levels of math preparation and learning styles. During class time, the instructor individually assists students as they work through personalized math lessons via MyMathLab on the computer.

What kind of support can I get at the Veteran's Incentive Program (VIP) Center?

Academic guidance, encouragement, a place to meet other veterans and relax in a very nice environment, as well as a room where you can interact with others who understand your past and how it is currently affecting you. The VIP center, (417) 255-7720, is located in the Garnett Library.