Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring

Where do I get tutors? How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring is free and can be obtained at the Grizzly tutoring lab, (417) 255-7277 or (417) 255-8082, located in Melton Hall 114 or through Chat Central, for help in English the Grizzly writing lab can be found in Garnett library

Besides math and English tutoring, what other tutoring services are available?

Chemistry, writing, economics, biology, physics, political science and anything else for which we have a large enough demand.

What is the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)?

 A program for students who placed in writing 100 but would like to try to do both 100 and 110 in one semester.

What are the MathLab classes about?

They are math classes using a computer mediation to facilitate students' learning. MathLab classes offer support for varying levels of math preparation and learning styles. During class time, the instructor individually assists students as they work through personalized math lessons via MyMathLab on the computer.