Frequently Asked Questions About Books

Why should I shop at the Drago College Store?

The Drago College Store offers used textbooks when available, some rentals and offers a convenient textbook reservation service for students. The store has competitive prices on computers/laptops, software, school supplies, convenience food and drinks, Grizzly sportswear and souvenir items. Any profits made by the store help to support other services offered at the University.

Why do books cost so much?

In reality, the college store doesn't make much on textbooks. On average, 65.1% of the sticker price on new books goes back to the publisher. The author gets about 11.7% in royalties. The freight company that shipped the book gets 1%. The rest goes to the store to pay for staff wages and benefits, insurance, taxes, rent on building, electricity, heat, water, security, cleaning and repairs, software on systems, supplies and other expenses.

When can I sell back my books? How much will I get?

The best time to sell books back is during the week of final examinations each semester. This is a time when the Drago College Store is in the process of purchasing books for the upcoming semester. The store pays up to 50% of retail price for books needed for resale at Missouri State University-West Plains in the upcoming semester. At other times during the semester, the store buys books, but can only offer wholesale buyback prices, and the buy-back value at that time could be from 3% to 30% of the original retail price.  The first day of finals will be a priority date for the customers to sell back textbooks purchased from the Drago College Store. 

Check the book buyback page on the Drago College Store website for the latest information.

Where's the best place to buy a computer and computer software?

Drago College Store sells Dell Computers and can provide the website or toll-free number to check on prices. In addition, the store purchases many software editions at substantial discounts offered to institutions of higher education and passes these discounts along to students. For more information, visit the bookstore website.