University Vehicle Use and Reservation Procedures

The University has several vehicles that are available for all departments to use. The physical plant oversees the use of University vehicles for official University travel. These procedures outline the steps to be followed in reserving a vehicle on the West Plains campus. Full details of vehicle use can be found at the Springfield Motor Pool’s website.

A department head or other administrative supervisor is responsible for reviewing and approving the request for use of a University vehicle.

There is a limited number of vehicles available for reservation, creating the need for a first-come, first-served reservation process. If your travel plans change at any time after your reservation has been confirmed, you must notify the physical plant office immediately. Also, notify physical plant immediately if you need to cancel your reservation. This courtesy gives others the opportunity to use the vehicle. With all vehicle reservation requests being centralized, the vehicle type will be taken into consideration when processing the request.

Follow these steps to help ensure proper processing of your reservation request:

  1. Contact your department head or other administrative supervisor to receive approval for use of a University vehicle. This approval should be emailed to the physical plant office at
  2. Please contact the physical plant office via email at after you have received approval for your request to reserve a vehicle so the actual reservation can be made.
  3. When reserving the vehicle the following information will be required:
    1. Date and time of departure
    2. Date and time of return
    3. Number of people traveling
    4. Type of vehicle needed
    5. Driver information and
    6. Destination
  4. All University drivers must have a valid driver’s license copy on file with the physical plant office as well as a current vehicle insurance card copy.
  5. Drivers can pick up the keys, credit card and vehicle check out sheet at the physical plant office between 8 AM and 4:00 PM. If your travel plans have you leaving before 8 AM or after 4:00 PM, please make arrangements to pick up the keys, credit card and vehicle check out sheet during 8 AM to 4:00 PM. This could lead to the items being picked up the day before the vehicle is needed. 
  6. The physical plant office is closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Keys, credit card and vehicle check out sheet for vehicles reservations starting on those days must be picked up the last business day before the reservation.
  7. Any special requests (i.e. seats removed, etc.) will necessitate a work order between the driver and physical plant. Please allow adequate time to process the work order. A 2-day lead time is suggested.
  8. Please follow up with the physical plant office the day before your scheduled reservation to confirm your reservation and any special requests (i.e. seats removed, all seats installed, etc.).

Below are some rules to follow when using the vehicle:

  1. Obtain beginning odometer reading (enter on vehicle check-out sheet).
  2. Vehicles are not allowed to be taken home between stops or overnight. Vehicles must be left at the physical plant if they will be used for consecutive days, excluding overnight travel. 
  3. There is no smoking in any University vehicle. 
  4. Alcohol cannot be transported in any University vehicle.
  5. Please wipe feet before entering vehicle especially if traveling in a muddy area.

Follow these steps when returning the vehicle to the physical plant:

  1. Vehicles must be returned with trash removed and any papers, bottles, GPS, etc. collected.
  2. Vehicles must be returned with the gas tank filled. Departments are charged based on mileage logged, not how much money is actually spent on fuel.
  3. Obtain ending odometer reading.
  4. Ensure the vehicle is locked.
  5. Drivers will return keys, credit card and vehicle check-out sheet (information on sheet completed including budget number and signature) to the physical plant office after the trip is completed. If after 5pm when returning, the above items should be delivered to the physical plant office at 8 AM the following business day.