About Online Coaching

The Arch W. Shaw Foundation Writing Center has two online writing coaching services: Zoom and Submit A Paper. Both online resources have advantages and disadvantages.

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Zoom is the free telecommunications software we use at Missouri State University to hold virtual meetings. It's free and available on any device. Schedule a Zoom appointment.

  • Students can use Zoom anywhere with internet access.
  • Students do not have to be on campus to contact a Writing Coach.
  • Students can send documents and discuss feedback with a Writing Coach.
  • Zoom allows for a more personal and in-depth coaching session.
  • Zoom allows for real time interactions between students and Writing Coaches.
  • Zoom sessions are by appointment only and available only when the Writing Center is open.
  • Students must have good internet access to contact Writing Coaches.
  • Writing Coaches may not have a long time to think about their replies.

Submit a Paper

Another option for virtual writing coaching is submitting documents for feedback. Students provide information to the Writing Coach, and the Writing Coach will send feedback to the student's MissouriState.edu email account.

  • Students can send papers any time of the day and from anywhere.
  • It is a relatively anonymous setting without distractions.
  • Writing Coaches have more time to think over their response and provide links to additional resources.
  • Students can print the Writing Coach's remarks and study them as often as needed.
  • Students can learn from the Writing Coach's remarks in a setting of their choice.
  • Students get experience reading feedback about their writing in writing.
  • The immediacy of face-to-face writing coaching is gone.
  • Writing Coaches may not have the ability to give effective feedback if students don't clearly explain the assignment or what kind of feedback they'd like from the tutor.
  • Students might have problems applying the Writing Coach's suggestions when they revise.
  • Some errors might be difficult for Writing Coaches and students to handle in an online session.
  • On the whole, online writing coaching is better for global issues, such as essay structure and essay development, while face-to-face writing coaching might still be better for line edit revisions.