Campus Administration


Missouri State University-West Plains is under the general control and management of the Board of Governors, which according to statutes of the state of Missouri, possesses full power and authority to adopt all needful rules and regulations for the guidance and supervision of the campus.

The System President is the chief executive officer of the University, responsible to the Board of Governors for the administration of institutional policies and operations.

The Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the campus and is responsible to the System President and the Board of Governors for the operation of the campus.

The Administrative Council includes the central administrators who work to develop and implement the goals and priorities of the campus.

The Faculty Senate is the representative body for the full-time faculty that provides a means of collective action of the faculty in dealing with matters of concern to the faculty, including matters of curriculum.

The Staff Senate is the representative body for the full-time staff that addresses concerns related to the staff and functions in an advisory capacity in the development, review and implementation of campus policies.

The Student Government Association is recognized as the official voice of the student body to represent the students of Missouri State University-West Plains. In that capacity, the SGA may exercise the right to investigate general problems of student life and activity in the campus and to report to officials on the local, state, and national levels on matters of student interest.

Organizational Charts

Click to view the organizational chart for the West Plains campus as of December 2020.