English Placement

Directed Self-Placement for Writing Classes

As of March 2016, Missouri State University-West Plains no longer requires students to take a placement exam in order to be eligible to take entry-level English courses. Instead, students will be allowed to choose which entry level English course is right for them. Missouri State University-West Plains is committed to providing students with the direction and information they need to make appropriate self-placement decisions.

It is important for you to make informed and wise self-placement decisions. Inappropriate self-placement may increase the time it takes to complete a certificate or degree and may interfere with financial aid.

For more information see the Directed Self-Placement explanation.

Check the Course Descriptions

When deciding which entry level English course you should take, your first step should be to check the description of each course.

At Missouri State University-West Plains, there are three possible entry points for the required writing sequence: ENG 100 Introduction to College Composition, ENG 110 Writing I or ENG ALP (ENG 100 ENG 110A).

Be sure to read the description of each course included in the self-placement process below: