What do I look for when I transfer?

Academic Choices

You need to know what degrees are offered by the institution that you plan to attend. Be sure you can major in your chosen field at the receiving institution. Knowing what career you wish to pursue is always a big decision that requires assessment of your abilities and interests. By the time you have finished your associate's degree, try to have this decision made. Certainly, people change their minds and change careers. However, knowing your career choice makes it easier to choose a college major. Some careers stipulate a specific degree. Others have more leeway.


How the college is perceived by others is important. Look at the accreditation of the receiving institution. Many agencies evaluate college programs. Typically, schools seek accreditation from national or regional agencies such as The Higher Learning Commission. Some specific programs that seek outside approval are nursing, business, and education.


The faculty of an institution will be listed in the catalog. Typically, the listing will include the college degrees of each faculty member. That will give you a general idea of the credentials of the faculty. Also ask if faculty members teach most of the classes that are offered or if you can expect many of your teachers to be graduate assistants.


Where the receiving school is geographically should not be the only reason for attending. However, if you are commuting, that will have to be a consideration. Being willing (perhaps eager) to move may be a consideration.