Required Documents

Documents Required for Child and Family Development Courses with a Laboratory Component

CFD Courses that Require Lab Hours:

  • CFD 160 Principles of Development in Early Childhood
  • CFD 255 Principles of Development in Infancy
  • CFD 260 Supervised Experience in the Child Development Laboratories
  • CFD 297 Internship in Planning and Implementing Curriculum for Child Development Centers

For more in-depth information about the required forms and tasks email Dr. Brenda Smith or call (417) 255-7736.

  1. Form A (DOCX - Laboratory Participation Agreement)
  2. Form B (DOCX - Missouri Accreditation Educational Requirement Agreement for Learning Tree)
  3. Form C (DOCX - Missouri Accreditation Educational Requirement Agreement for Tadpoles)
  4. Form D (DOCX - Transcript Authorization)
  5. Form E (DOCX - MoVECH's Waiver Agreement)
  6. Form F (DOC - Family Care Safety Registration)
  7. Form G (PDF - Lab Site Request)
  8. Form H (DOCX -Ethical Conduct and Professional Disposition Agreement)
  9. Task A (Professional Liability Insurance)
  10. Task B (PNG - MoVECH's Background Screening)
  11. Task C (PDF - Medical Examination Report)
  12. Task D (DOCX -Tuberculin Skin Test)