General Education Goals

General Education Goals (GEG)

Standards and Learning Outcomes

  1. Communication

    Learning Outcome: The ability to use language systems to share meaning.


    1. Report ideas utilizing the written method.
    2. Express information orally.
    3. Construct messages using electronic media.
  2. Critical Thinking

    Learning Outcome: The ability to evaluate data and solve problems.


    1. Analyze strengths and weaknesses of conclusions.
    2. Analyze information from a variety of sources for application to a situation.
    3. Employ problem-solving processes to recommend a quality solution.
    4. Evaluate the ethical implications of an action or policy.
  3. Information Management

    Learning Outcome: The ability to locate and evaluate information on various criteria.


    1. Locate sources of information.
    2. Organize information in a logical and consistent manner.
    3. Interpret information in a clear and concise manner.
  4. Collaboration

    Learning Outcome: The ability to work with others to accomplish a task or create a product.


    1. Work with a team to accomplish a goal or task through coordinated effort or division of labor.
    2. Work with others to create a new idea or product.
  5. Public Affairs

    Learning Outcome: The ability to purposefully engage as part of a community of citizens of the world.


    1. Demonstrate excellence and integrity while contributing to the common good.
    2. Develop respect and appreciation toward differences in cultural, political and religious perspectives.
    3. Develop cultural consciousness while increasing self-awareness and engaging with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
    4. Recognize the needs in a community and contribute to addressing those needs.
    5. Develop a more inclusive and pluralistic mind-set.