Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the West Plains and Springfield programs?

The West Plains campus offers associate's (two-year) degrees. The Springfield campus offers a number of bachelor's (four-year) and master's (graduate) degrees on the West Plains campus, as well as courses leading to several additional degrees, including the Specialist of Education in Educational Administration. These programs are available without leaving West Plains. Degrees and programs offered are listed on the academics website.

Where do I go to get information about and conduct University business if I am in the Springfield program?

Contact the Missouri State Outreach office, (417) 255-7931 or visit the staff at Gohn Hall, 603 West Main.

How do I get permission to use the pool and fitness center at the West Plains Civic Center?

Students who are enrolled full-time at the University may use the pool and fitness center any time during normal operating hours. There is no additional charge beyond the $20.00 per semester activity fee paid by all full-time students. Note: students enrolled exclusively in online courses are not charged the activity fee; they may opt in and pay the fee.

What should I do if I feel I have been sexually harassed or discriminated against?

All University employees and students are free to seek relief from discriminatory grievances or complaints without fear of restraint, reprisal, interference or coercion. If you feel you have a complaint, you are advised to consult with the Affirmative Action Liaison Officer, (417) 255-7966.

How do I find out about studying abroad in China?

Contact the office of academic affairs, (417) 255-7272, in Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center room 206.

Where do I get a parking permit?

The business office, (417) 255-7260, in Cass Hall. Bring your license plate number for the permit.

Where do I get an email address?

See the computer lab assistants in the open lab, (417) 255-7995, in the Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center or chat with an assistant at Chat Central.

Where do I go if I'm sick?

Students who are enrolled in at least six semester hours may seek medical attention at any of eight clinics affiliated with Ozarks Medical Center. Full information is listed on the professional services page. There is no charge for a basic office visit. Charges are made for additional services.

Where can I get information about health insurance for students?

Students interested in health insurance have a variety of options available to them. Information is also available on the professional services page. Students wanting to talk through the options can visit with the office of student life and development, (417) 255-7233, in the Putnam Student Center or Student Services at (417) 255-7255, in Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center room 207.

What is the difference between Health Services and Health Insurance?

A Student Health Services program is provided as part of your student fees. Qualified students who may be sick or hurt and need to see a medical professional may to certain clinics affiliated with Ozark Medical Center. There is no charge for a basic office visit. A Student Health Insurance plan pays benefits for covered expenses, but students must pay the premium for that coverage. The insurance is available to all students enrolled in the Missouri State University System.

Where do I get a student ID card?

See the computer lab assistants in the open lab, (417) 255-7995, in the Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center.

Where do I buy a meal plan?

A non-residential meal plan may be purchased by turning in a completed form, available on the food services website, to the business office, (417) 255-7260, in Cass Hall.

Where do I go to request accommodations for a disability?

Advisement and Academic Coacing Center for Empowering Student Success (AACCESS), (417) 255-7222, located in Melton 100.

I don't quite fit in here. What can I do to meet some people who have similar interests to mine?

It is very easy to meet other people at Missouri State University-West Plains. There are clubs and organizations, activities and a student center that are all geared to showing students that there is more to college than just classes. A visit to the office of student life and development, (417) 255-7233, in Putnam Student Center will open doors for a student to meet other students. Students who are involved in clubs and activities often experience greater academic success. Many examples about how to become more involved can be found at the student life website.

Where do I find a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a person appointed by a state official to serve as a disinterested witness and verify that a signature is authentic. Many types of documents require signatures to be "notarized." All documents presented for notarization must have the correct form of notary certificate on them. Identification is required. The best form of identification is one that includes a photograph and signature (such as a valid driver's license). Do not sign the document until you present it to the notary. Some documents, such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and school documents, (i.e., diplomas, transcripts), cannot be notarized. Notary services are available to students at the student services reception desk, (417) 255-7225, in Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center room 207 and in the advisement and academic coaching center for empowering student success (AACCESS), (417) 255-7222, in Garnett Library.

Where's the best place to buy a computer and computer software?

Drago College Store sells Dell Computers and can provide the website or toll-free number to check on prices. In addition, the store purchases many software editions at substantial discounts offered to institutions of higher education and passes these discounts along to students. For more information, visit the bookstore website.

When does school start? When does it end?

Important dates such as these are printed in the Missouri State University-West Plains Catalog and the semester schedule. The dates may also be accessed on the campus master calendar.