Emergency Grants

Upon referral by members of the faculty and staff, limited resources are available through the University for emergency grants to students.

Faculty and staff members who become aware of students with substantial financial need should use the Emergency Grant Application (92KB PDF) to refer the students to the Financial Aid Office for either an Emergency Grant or a Dunsmore Short-Term Loan. Grants will be considered in extraordinary circumstances when students have immediate financial need that cannot be satisfied through other sources. Grants are generally limited to $250 or less. Grants are ordinarily not awarded for University charges, but all applications are reviewed and considered.

A subcommittee of the Scholarship Committee (Coordinator of Financial Aid and/or the Chair of the Scholarship Committee and at least two other members of the Scholarship Committee) will review applications and determine the final status. The subcommittee will strive for immediate review of applications. Approved applications requiring 24-hour dispersal of funds to the applicant will be delivered immediately to the Business Office for processing. All other approved applications will remain with the Financial Aid Office for processing.

Download the Emergency Grant Application (92KB PDF)