Budget and Work-Study Clearance Forms Instructions

Budget Clearance Form Instructions

  1. Request Type: Mark whether this is a new employee, pay rate change, additional job, etc. If this is a first time employee for you, but works somewhere else on campus you can mark “new employee” and just make note of that in the comments.
  2. Department Information: Your information as the submitter will fill in automatically.
  3. Student Information: The public id is the first part of their email without @live.missouristate.edu.
  4. Payroll Information: Fill in all information. If the pay category is category 3 or above you must provide solid justification for the pay rate in the comments section.
    1. The position number is the number created in financial services that ties the job to the correct budget. If you do not know your position number, contact your budget officer in your cost center. If you don’t know your budget officer go to the financial services website and click on Your Budget Analyst link, then click on Cost Center Assignments to see whom you should contact.
    2. Time Approver is the TS 0XXX number assigned to the person that will be approving the timesheets. If someone does not have a TS number they can fill out Timesheet Approver Authorization form.

Work-Study Clearance Form

  1. Request Type: choose what type of employee this will be. Job renewals will only happen if a student has a break in employment within a semester. If they have not worked in a semester or more than they are a new employee and require all new paperwork.
  2. Submitter Information: Fill in all boxes.
  3. Student Information: Fill in all boxes.
  4. Payroll Information: Fill in all boxes. The applicable terms for the award will most likely be fall and spring or summer. Must put in a budget number. This will be the budget charged if the students uses up all their work-study money and continues working.
  5. Feel free to leave any comments you would like.