Departmental Instructions for the I9 Form

I9 Preparation

The employee/student is to complete Section 1 of the I9 at the time of hire by filling in the correct information. They must use their full name (as it appears on their birth certificate or social security card, no nicknames), permanent address (No residence hall addresses) and city, state and zip code. Be sure it is readable and that they sign and date the form.

The employer is to complete, sign and date Section 2. The date under the certification clause is to be the date they will physically come to work.

Attach a copy of the original identification documents. Check documents for raised seals to insure they are not counterfeit. Do not accept copies or faxes of identification from the employee, these must be the originals.

Acceptable documents are listed on the back of the I9.

See handbook for specifics.

Do not fill out in pencil.