Safety Services

Accidents, injuries, fires, safety threats and other hazards should be reported immediately to the Office of Student Services at (417) 255-7225. Incidents can also be reported to the West Plains Police Department (WPPD) at (417) 256-2244 if needed.


Escorts will be provided upon request. Call (417) 836-5509 for escort assistance or contact the Office of Student Services for information.

Key Control

The Building Maintenance Supervisor maintains all University keys. A key request form must be submitted to the Supervisor.

Student Right to Know Brochure

Missouri State University – West Plains, in compliance with Part II of the Federal Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990, has published this Annual Public Safety Report to provide applicants, parents and employees with a preview of the University public safety procedures and resources.

Safety Programs

The Office of Student Life and Development coordinates programs pertaining to student safety and safety awareness. For more information call (417) 255-7233. There will be a town hall style meeting at the beginning of every semester to discuss personal safety and safety practices.

If there are any questions, the referenced policies and administrators should be consulted as to the exact terms and procedures. Any person who believes the requirements of Part II of the Act have not been fulfilled should contact the following office:

Vice Chancellor of Student Services
128 Garfield Avenue
West Plains, MO 65775

Emergency Reporting

Emergencies (e.g. medical, fire, crime, etc.) should immediately be referred to 911

Personal Safety and Security

University employees and students must take an active role in their personal safety and security. Each individual is expected to function responsibly concerning his or her own personal safety as well as toward the security of their possessions. Individuals should not allow themselves to be found or placed in a situation which leaves them vulnerable to possible bodily harm. They should also secure their personal possessions and keep them safe from possible theft or damage by others at all times.

West Plains Police Department

The West Plains Police Department (WPPD) provides commissioned law enforcement at Missouri State University – West Plains. The WPPD officers work out of the West Plains Fire and Police Complex located four blocks from the Missouri State University – West Plains campus. Officers are armed and have full police power, including arrest authority and power to search. There is a good working relationship between the WPPD and Missouri State University – West Plains. Missouri State University – West Plains also hires night security officers to patrol campus. Officers patrol the area and are mindful of potential problems.

Campus Enforcement

The administration and faculty handle minor incidents on campus. If an incident requires police action, WPPD will be contacted immediately. A security guard patrols the campus in the evenings. In the event of an emergency, faculty and staff also are authorized to intercede.

The University provides the following services

  • Monitoring of University vehicle parking
  • Observation and reporting of crime and safety hazards
  • Security checks of University property
  • Emergency assistance as needed

All University faculty and staff members have the authority necessary to request identification of University members; enforce Missouri State University – West Plains policies, rules, regulations and codes; and report any alleged irregularities.