Voter Registration Information

Missouri State University-West Plains strongly encourages students to vote.

Students and members of the MSU-West Plains community can register to vote at the Vice Chancellor of Student Services office, Lybyer 207.  Please bring a photo ID.  Or please contact the County Clerk's office for the county in which you claim permanent residence to register for future elections.

Voter Registration Information

Registration Qualifications

  • 17 ½ years old to register; 18 years old by Election Day to vote;
  • US Citizen and
  • Missouri Resident

No person shall be entitled to vote:

  • While confined under a sentence of imprisonment;
  • While on probation or parole after the conviction of a felony or
  • After conviction of a felony or misdemeanor connected with voting or the right of suffrage.

Where to Register to Vote

Missourians can register to vote:

If you do not live in Missouri check out this link to registrar.