Endowed Chairs and Professorships

This giving option is for those donors desiring to leave an intellectual landmark on our campus by making sure certain areas of knowledge are valued and pursued. This is truly a commemorative and special opportunity for donors willing to make a leadership gift and wishing to make an impact on large groups of students. A scholarship touches one student. A chair or professorship has an exponential and lasting effect on many students.

The Donna Jones Endowed Professorship of Nursing is the first professorship to be established for the West Plains Campus, and the William and Virginia Darr Endowed Honors Professorship is the second. A third professorship, the Endowed Professorship of Business, established in 2015, provides financial resources to support the salary of the Division Chair for Business, Applied Technology and Public Service, an important position with demanding responsibilities.

Faculty chairs and professorships are sought in each of the following divisions:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts, Education and Social Science
  • Science and Mathematics

For more information, please contact the office of development.