Mission & Core Values

Engage. Grow. Serve. Lead. 


The Office of Student Life and Development is dedicated to providing programs and services that focus on student engagement, community outreach, and leadership growth.  


Core Values:  

The Office of Student Life and Development supports the general standards of the University by focusing on the following core values: 

Student Centeredness: We provide meaningful opportunities that promote lifelong-learning, leadership, and personal development for students. We empower students to assume responsibility for their own experiences and support them in their endeavors.  

Compassionate Service: We are dedicated to creating a community focused on service that promotes genuine care for others. We work together to create connections and relationships that help us respond to the needs within our campus and local communities. 

Inclusion: We foster the development of an inclusive community that values diversity and equality. We seek to learn from, listen to, and show respect towards individual experiences.    

Commitment to Quality: We strive to embrace change and seek to improve our programs and services for our students.  We work towards an honest, respectful working-environment, and hold one another accountable to such standards. We promote a culture built on integrity, humility, and professionalism.  

Traditions and Pride: We believe that our campus pride and traditions will contribute to life-long memories and affinity with the University.