Check Balance/Make Payment

To view account balance information and make a payment

The new online payment system will allow you to see your account balance within CASHNet. You may go to Cass Hall and make a payment in person at the Business Office or make a payment online.

To make a payment and view account balance information

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the My Enrollment tab.
  3. Click on the CASHNet button.
  4. Under My Account, click on Make a Payment

    Cash Net Sample

  5. This will show you the account balance within CASHNet (the online payment system).
  6. This will allow you to make a payment online using credit cards or electronic check. You still have the option to make a payment at the business office in Cass Hall.
  7. Clicking the Make a Payment link will not force students to pay, it will just show them a balance, and give them an option to pay.

For more information on payment and account balance information, please contact the business office located in Cass Hall, 417-255-7260 or for documentation, payment deadlines, FAQ’s, etc. For financial aid information, please call 417-255-7243.

Parents/guardians/authorized payees:

The student must give access to any authorized payees to make online payments. Please contact your student to be setup with access to the payment site. Authorized payees will need a valid e-mail address to be able to be setup.

To set up parents/guardians/authorized payees with access to make a payment and view balance:

  1. Students will need to login to
  2. Click the My Enrollment tab.
  3. Click on the CASHNet button.
  4. In the Parent PINs header, click on Add New.
  5. Assign a Login Name.
  6. Enter a valid email address and an optional welcome note. Login information will be sent to the email address chosen.
  7. Leave the default to Yes, the person can login.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Once authorized payees are set up with login name and password, they will receive an email with the link to CASHNet and instructions on how to change their password. Authorized payees will always use this link ( to make a payment or view balance information.