Vehicle Regulations

All students, faculty and staff utilizing University parking lots must display a parking decal in their vehicle.  Required information to obtain a University parking decal is vehicle year, make, color and license plate number.

A parking decal is available to each student during the first week of classes at the Business Office. Most students will have the corresponding fee for their decal already applied to their account at registration; however in some instances where the fee has not been applied you will need to pay the fee when you pick up your decal. If additional decals are needed, they may also be purchased from the Business Office. Vehicles not displaying a decal will be regarded as a violation and an appropriate ticket will be issued. Students taking Springfield classes are eligible to purchase a West Plains parking decal from the Business Office in Cass Hall only when their classes are held on the West Plains campus.  If this requirement is not met, students will need to purchase a parking tag from the Springfield campus.  Springfield parking decals are honored on the West Plains campus and West Plains parking decals are honored on the Springfield campus when utilized in the yellow commuter lots or reserved lot 24.

A traffic ticket on a vehicle is an official notice that the person responsible for said vehicle has been cited for violation of University parking rules. It is also the first notice for that person to appear in the Business Office and pay any fine incurred. Failure to pay the fine or to appeal within fifteen (15) school days will result in a $2.00 late fee being assessed for each ticket in addition to each fine.

Failure to clear the traffic record through settlement of the assessed fine or to comply with the Missouri State University-West Plains Ticket Appeal Committee will result in withholding of the student’s academic records. Any student who receives three or more parking violations may be subject to suspension from the University until the fines are paid.

University personnel and students should not use private parking lots. Vehicles should be parking in University parking lots or on public streets (in compliance with city ordinances). Vehicles found in violation are subject to being towed from the public parking lots at the owner’s discretion and the student’s expense.

Visitor parking spaces are provided for University visitors only. Students and faculty will receive tickets if vehicles are parked in a visitor parking space. Handicapped parking is available only for vehicles displaying handicap decals or license plates.