Payment of Fees Policy

The purpose of this section is to inform students of the actions which may be taken when fees assessed by the University are not paid in a timely fashion. Since the minimum payment option is based on a semester’s charges and billing dates, all accounts must be paid in full by the end of the semester. Any amounts remaining unpaid at the end of a semester will be billed in full and are not subject to minimum payment. A collection charge of $5 may be assessed on any balance which is past due for a period of more than 10 days. Past due amounts will prevent a student from registering for the next semester or from receiving diplomas or transcripts. Students who have already registered for a subsequent semester with a past due amount on their record will have their future registration canceled. Failure to pay will result in the student being reported to a credit service.

If a student makes payment by check and that check is not honored by the student’s bank, the student will be notified and must make restitution within 10 days from receipt of notification. When a student has unpaid charges which are over 30 days past due or has otherwise failed to make satisfactory arrangements for the settlement of a University account, the University may place an encumbrance on the student’s record which will prevent registration for future semesters and the release of transcripts and diplomas, as well as access by the student to other University services except where an emergency medical situation may exist; withhold the student’s payroll checks (for student employees) or refunds issued through University offices until the debt is repaid; remove the student from University housing; and/or disenroll the student. Failure to repay short term loans by the specified date could make a student ineligible for future financial assistance.

Inquiries regarding unpaid charges should be directed to the Business Office, Missouri State University-West Plains, 128 Garfield Ave., West Plains, MO 65775, phone (417) 255-7260. Should a student feel that a notification of indebtedness is incorrect, the student may submit a written appeal, citing the grounds for the appeal, within 10 days of receiving the notification of indebtedness.