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Handshake is the powerful, user-friendly, online career management system for students and alumni of Missouri State University-West Plains. Login to Handshake from this page or from My Grizzly Den


How to login into Handshake

Login to Handshake with your BearPass ID and password (the same account you use to sign into other MSU-WP services, such as the My Grizzly Den portal) or with your MSU-WP email address.

Students admitted before December 2019: When you enter your email address, please use your full, public email address: EmailName@live.missouristate.edu (e.g. Grizzly63@live.missouristate.edu) and not your BearPass login ID (e.g. abc123@live.missouristate.edu).

  • The bearpasslogin@live.missouristate.edu is what Microsoft requires to authenticate when logging in to Office 365 either online or using the desktop apps.
  • The fullemail@live.missouristate.edu is the e-mail alias for that same account that is visible to everyone so that they may see your e-mail without knowing your username. When giving out your e-mail or using it to sign up for a website it is always recommended to use the fullemail@live.missouristate.edu.

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Handshake 101

Read Handshake's blog with tips and articles on a wide range of topics including employers that are actively hiring college students on Handshake, how to prepare for virtual career fairs, and much more.