Corps of Opportunity

Lybyer entrance area

The Corps of Opportunity (CO) is an institutional award that enables qualified students to better afford the costs of pursuing a college education.  Principal qualifications include need for financial assistance, personal character, and scholastic potential.  Full-time students (12 hours per semester during the fall and spring) work 20 hours each week at approved campus jobs. Combined with CO scholarships, earnings will cover all or most of the cost of education, making an education at Missouri State-West Plains very affordable. The Corps of Opportunity program means freedom from having to pay back large school loans after graduation, and the on-the-job experience gained will add an extra dimension to learning.  CO students could begin their careers debt free, well educated, and work experienced!  CO students may work during the summer of their first term of selection but may appeal to be excused from the second summer work requirement.  Summer jobs involve up to 40 hours per week, while fall and spring semester jobs are limited to an average of no more than 20 hours per week.  For summer assignments, CO students must be enrolled for three (3) credit hours. Students not enrolled in summer classes must have been enrolled for at least six (6) credit hours in the spring and pre-registered for at least six (6) credit hours for the upcoming fall semester.

Corps of Opportunity positions are to be meaningful and meet legitimate needs of Missouri State Univeristy-West Plains.  The positions contribute to the student's learning goals, provide services to large segments of the student body, assist with established programs, provide new services to students and the campus, and/or contribute to the aesthetics of the campus.