MSU-West Plains Scholarships

If you haven't been admitted to the university, you should apply now!

Donor Funded Scholarships

Donor funded scholarships are privately donated funds that are given to Missouri State University-West Plains students each year. The funds come from private gifts to the university made by individuals, groups or companies. They are awarded to students based on a wide range of criteria: major, high school attended, outstanding academic achievement, leadership and/or financial need. 

If you are not admitted to the university but would like to view the donor funded scholarships, the Search Tool will allow you to search available scholarships.  You cannot apply for scholarships using the Search Tool.

Applying for these scholarships

Complete the Scholarship Application no later than March 1 for the following academic year. You must be admitted to Missouri State University-West Plains in order to access and complete the scholarship application. Through this one application, you will be considered for many of our scholarships. 

Application deadline

The application is available each year around November 1. Students have until March 1 to submit the application for the following academic year. 

The re-advertised scholarship application will reopen July 1, 2024 and be due September 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Application instructions

You must be admitted to the university and create a My Grizzly Den account to submit the scholarship application.   

Note: Be sure to print your confirmation page and keep it for your records.

  1. Enter My Grizzly Den portal
    (For help on how to enter My Grizzly Den, contact the Help Desk or call 417-255-7995.)
  2. Locate your Financial Aid & Scholarships card
  3. Select the Scholarship Application link
  4. Complete the application and click "Submit" when finished or your application will not be submitted. NOTE: Once submitted it cannot be opened again. 
  5. While not required for all scholarships, all students are highly encouraged to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) between October 1 and February 1 for the following academic year. 

For more information on Foundation Scholarships please contact our University Advancement office at 

The information provided contains estimates of scholarship values, selection criteria, and the number available. Missouri State University-West Plains reserves the right to change any of these without notice.