Packing Checklist

The residence life staff has created a list of what you might want to bring and what we do not allow. We hope this helps you as you are packing to stay with us!

What to Bring:

CheckmarkBed and Bath:

  •  Pillow, comforter, blanket, mattress pad
  •  Extra-long twin sheets (all beds are 80" long) and bed risers
  •  Towels, washcloths
  •  Bath mat, area and/or throw rug
  •  Lamp
  •  Flashlight with batteries
  •  Full-length mirror
  •  Hangers
  •  Toilet paper
  •  Trash can(s), trash can liner
  •  Plastic food storage containers with lids
  •  Dishes, tableware
  •  Can opener, ice cube trays, coffee pot
  •  Blender, toaster, microwave (1,000 watts or less) (other cooking appliances are prohibited)
  •  Mini-refrigerator
  •  3M Command adhesives
  •  Posters, pictures
  •  Message board and dry-erase markers
  •  Calendar/planner
  •  Pens, pen, note pads, notebooks, binders
  •  Backpack and textbooks
  •  Fan
  •  Sports equipment
  •  Umbrella or other rain gear

Laundry and Personal Hygiene Supplies:

  •  Detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets
  •  Laundry bag or basket
  •  Auto shut-off iron
  •  Cleaning supplies
  •  Soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste
  •  Shaving or make-up items
  •  Shower shoes, shower caddy
  •  Prescriptions/over-the-counter medications
  •  Thermometer and first aid kit


  •  Computer, Ethernet cable
  •  Calculator
  •  Cell phone and charger
  •  Power strip and surge protector
  •  Camera
  •  Gaming system
  •  Music player and radio
  •  Alarm clock
  •  DVD Player
  •  TV
  •  Printer

What Not to Bring:

  •  Alcoholic beverages or container
  •  Tobacco products
  •  Illegal drugs or paraphernalia
  •  Candles or incense
  •  Fireworks
  •  Ozone machines
  •  Open-coil appliances
  •  Open flame appliances
  •  Heaters/heating units
  •  Toaster/pizza oven
  •  Cooking appliances
  •  Halogen, lava, or lamps with narrow plastic shades
  •  Extra bed, mattress, frame, including waterbed
  •  Weapons
  •  Pets (exception: fish in a 20g tank or less)
  •  Hubs, wireless access points