Transfer Students

Students are encouraged to apply for admission early in order to complete all steps in the enrollment process and to allow time for any financial aid to be processed.  Students should refer to the appropriate sections of the catalog for program admission requirements, including specific application deadlines. You may apply up to one year prior to the beginning of the semester for which you plan to enroll.

Applications are accepted up to the beginning of each semester; however, registration priority is given to early applicants.  Students beginning the process late above may not be able to accomplish the full enrollment process (application, orientation, registration) before the first day of the semester and may need to wait to enroll for a subsequent semester.

If seeking financial aid, complete the FAFSA and scholarship application and submit any required supporting documents as early as possible to allow time for processing prior to the first day of the semester.

To apply for admission:

  • Submit an Application for Admission
  • Request that each college or university send your official transcript directly to the office of admissions
    • Students who are enrolled in their first semester of college are offered tentative admission on the basis of their high school records and a list of courses in which the student is currently enrolled.
  • Students with fewer than 24 transferable hours must also request a high school transcript or High School Equivalency (HiSET, GED or other HSE) be sent directly to the office of admissions
    • High school transcript should include graduation date, class rank and ACT scores, if available
    • High School Equivalency (HiSET or GED) transcript must be sent directly from the state department of education in the capital city of the state in which tested
    • Missouri High School Equivalency (HiSET, GED or other HSE) transcripts are accessible by the university directly from the department of education and do not require applicant request.

Want to know how your college credit will transfer?

Try out our Transfer Equivalency Self-Service tool to see how the courses you’ve already taken fit into our degree programs.

Inside Link:

  • Choose an intended degree and major and enter academic year
  • Choose your transfer school
  • Select the classes taken at the transfer school
  • Enter the grade, credits and term for each transfer class
  • Click “next” to see the results!

Note about equivalencies

The ultimate authority for course equivalency rests with academic department heads. These equivalencies are subject to change at any time.

A course-by-course evaluation of transfer credit is sent to students after they have been admitted. Questions regarding these evaluations should be referred to the office of admissions

Detailed information is available in the Policy Regarding Transfer of Credits to Missouri State University-West Plains.

Transfer students without transferable college-level math and writing credits, as indicated by the student's academic records, must have an ACCUPLACER or ACT score on file for placement purposes.

Students transferring up to and including 29.99 hours of credit to Missouri State University-West Plains with an overall grade point average below 1.75 will be admitted on probation. Students transferring 30 or more hours of credit with an overall grade point average below 2.0 are admitted on probation.