Advertising, Distribution and Solicitation Policy

Advertising and solicitation are similar in that both promote a product, a service or an event. Policies governing advertising and solicitations at the University are appropriate in order to ensure that advertising and solicitation activities serve the students, faculty and staff as well as their organizations. Further, advertising and solicitation policies contribute to ensuring that the general appearance and condition of the University’s facilities and environment are maintained at an appropriate level.

Advertising and Distribution Policy

Missouri State University-West Plains recognizes the importance of campus advertising of sanctioned events and activities in fostering an active and involved University community. At the same time, the University recognizes that an attractive and well-maintained physical campus environment is essential to the overall advancement of the University. Therefore, it is necessary that printed posters, signs, notices, and other materials disseminated on campus be posted in a manner that does not detract from the physical appearance of the campus or result in damage to building surfaces. Use of scotch tape or thumbtacks on walls are examples of posting methods that would damage a building. Use of designated bulletin boards, as indicated later in this policy, is appropriate. It is also important that electronic advertising not adversely impact the technological infrastructure of the University. Use of the mainframe computer, web pages or electronic mail resources for paid consulting, for business purposes, or for political gain is prohibited. Electronic mass mailings or the sending of large files through the University’s network is not permitted. Use of campus mail service is restricted to official University business by University departments, offices and recognized student organizations. The University reserves the right to prohibit or remove advertising and distribution from campus which violates this policy, is obscene, defamatory, consists of fighting words, threats of physical harm, insightful of imminent lawless action, vulgar to the extent not entitled to protection as expression or promotes illegal use of alcohol or drugs. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the office of student life and development, (417) 255-7233.

Advertising (and publicity) shall be defined as any method or device for disseminating commercial informational/promotional materials on the campus of Missouri State University-West Plains. The University retains the exclusive right for promotion of University activities through advertisement and endorsement by commercial enterprises and products. Advertisement on campus or in University publications and activity programs does not imply official endorsement by Missouri State University-West Plains.

Non-University businesses, agencies, and individuals may advertise their products or events on campus through athletics brochures or similar publications. Such publications have established policies for advertising standards and inquiries should be made directly with personnel responsible for those publications.

Bulletin Boards


Designated bulletin boards are the primary means for displaying printed material on campus. Bulletin boards in University buildings are intended for notices and other materials related to the programs and goals of the University. With the exception of the Putnam Student Center and Hass-Darr Hall, commercial advertisements and publicity may not be displayed on bulletin boards. Only University departments and recognized student organizations are authorized to post materials on bulletin boards in University buildings other than the Putnam Student Center and Hass-Darr Hall.


  1. Posted materials are usually limited to a maximum size of 11x17 (exceptions to this limitation must be specifically requested), and must include the name of the responsible organization and a visible expiration date.
    1. Posting of materials in locations other than designated bulletin boards is not permissible, with two exceptions. During student elections and Homecoming activities, posting may include posters on stakes and banners in designated locations. Violations for improperly posting materials will subject the sponsoring organization, individual, or department to the costs of removal, repair of damages (if any) and/or disciplinary action through the University Judicial System.
  2. Outdated materials are to be removed by the sponsoring organization. Sponsoring organizations that fail to remove their outdated items may be denied use of those bulletin boards in the future. Academic departments and administrative offices have the right to remove outdated material without contacting the sponsoring organization.
  3. Individuals or organizations not affiliated with the University must bring posting materials to the coordinator of student life and development in Hass-Darr Hall.
  4. Materials posted in the Residence Hall must be approved by the coordinator of student life and development.


Items posted in violation of this policy will be removed, and the sponsoring organization may be subject to disciplinary action and/or a monetary fine.

Use of Chalk on Sidewalks

The use of chalk for student organizations to promote events is permitted as provided by this policy. The sponsoring organization must be indicated in all chalk notices, and only washable sidewalk chalk may be used. Chalk advertisements are permitted on concrete horizontal sidewalk surfaces only and are not permitted on any vertical surfaces such as, building surfaces, curbs, steps, brick surfaces, planters, benches or similar locations. The University reserves the right to wash off any and all chalk advertisements and messages within six (6) hours of any University event.

Distribution of Published Materials on Campus


In order to provide an atmosphere in which open communication can occur without disrupting the academic mission or daily functions of the University, the following procedures are established to govern the distribution of published materials, handbills, posters, petitions for signature, etc., on campus:

  1. Individuals may distribute non-commercial, written materials (i.e. leafleting) on campus subject to the parameters outlined in the University's Expressive Activity Policy. Distribution of written materials may be distributed by members of the University community at any point on campus except in the Garnett Library, Drago College Store, Putnam Cafeteria, Residence Hall, academic classrooms and computer labs. Persons on request may be required to identify themselves, and are required to be responsible for littering that they create in any leafleting effort. Normal vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic must not be disrupted.
  2. Distribution of written materials at athletics and other University-sponsored activities will be restricted to the outside entrance areas of the event’s location. Normal vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic must not be disrupted.
  3. Distribution of advertising or other published materials not sponsored by a member of the University community may be left for voluntary pick-up in designated locations on campus. Contact the coordinator of student life and development for a current list of permissible locations, (417) 255-7233.


When the manner or place of distribution of written or electronic materials constitutes a violation of this policy or a disruption of normal University activities, a University official will request the distributors to discontinue distributions or alter procedures so as to comply with this policy. If the distributors refuse to comply with this policy, the University official shall advise them that they may face disciplinary or other appropriate action.

Solicitation Policy


As used in this document, solicitation means the attempted sale, lease, rental or offer for sale, lease or rental of any property, product, merchandise, publication, membership, or service, whether for immediate or future delivery; an oral statement, electronic communication or the distribution of printed material, merchandise, publication or service; the receipt of or request for any gift or contribution; or the distribution of information in support of these activities.


Only registered student organizations, University organizations, and University departments may solicit on campus. All sales persons or agents for any product or proposition or cause whatsoever are prohibited from soliciting members of the faculty, staff or the student body in any building or on any part of the campus of Missouri State University-West Plains, or by any electronic means, except as provided herein. Door-to-door solicitation in University residence halls, academic or administrative buildings is strictly prohibited.

Registered student organizations, University organizations, and University departments that want to conduct solicitation activities on campus must comply with the procedures outlined in this document. Involvement of non-University organizations in solicitation activities on campus by a registered student organization, University organization, or University department must receive prior approval from the office of student life and development. In all cases, solicitation activities must be conducted at a designated sales location according to the procedure described herein. Sponsorship of non-University activities or events by a registered student organization requires the approval of the faculty advisor and the office of student life and development to enable advertisement and promotion of the event or activity on campus. Such approval will be contingent upon the participation by members of the sponsoring organization in the planning, promotion, scheduling and production of the event or activity. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the office of student life and development.

Approval for registered student organizations, University organizations, or University departments to conduct solicitation activities can be given so long as they:

  • Do not violate or conflict with University policies or local, state, or federal law
  • Do not conflict with the educational purposes of the University
  • Do not negatively impact other University development activities
  • Do not infringe upon the University’s trademark or other intellectual property rights
  • Do not disrupt traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian
  • Do not result in a breach of University contracts or compete with University or University-contracted operations
  • Do not jeopardize public or individual safety
  • Are approved by the Food Services Manager if food products are under consideration
  • Are facilitated in an approved, designated location; door-to-door solicitation in University residence halls, academic, or administrative buildings is strictly prohibited
  • Are conducted by members of the sponsoring organization
  • Are conducted as a fundraiser and not a commercial activity
  • Are covered by such insurance as may be deemed necessary
  • Are related to official University business if facilitated through telephone or electronic communication systems; other solicitations through the University telephone or computer/electronic systems are prohibited
  • Are through paid United States Postal Service and delivered to the University, if by mail; solicitations through the use of the campus mail system are prohibited.

Charitable Organizations

Many agencies would like to solicit contributions from the faculty, staff, and students. The ability to allow charitable organizations to solicit on campus is extremely limited as a result of the demands on University facilities for educational purposes. The University acknowledges the appropriateness of solicitations, such as the support of the annual solicitation by the United Way, sponsored by the chancellor’s office and the blood drives on campus, sponsored by officially registered and recognized student organizations. At the same time, the University retains the exclusive right to determine the appropriateness of allowing a charitable solicitation on a case by case basis. On-campus solicitation of students by representatives of charitable organizations may be considered, as facilities are available, provided the following criteria are met:

  • The charitable organization is duly recognized and appropriately affiliated
  • It is a bona fide charity
  • Contributions are entirely voluntary and quotas or similar measure of giving are not imposed
  • Approval is secured from the office of student life and development
  • Arrangements for the event are completed no less than thirty days in advance of the event
  • Complies with the regulations and procedures listed herein.

Commercial Sales

The University allows some limited access to campus by non-University organizations for the purpose of commercial sales. Normally, these commercial sales will be directly related to the living/learning experience of students. The University retains the exclusive right to determine the appropriateness of the commercial sales activity or product. Commercial sales will be conducted at a designated sales location according to the procedures described herein. There will be a charge for allowing the commercial sales to take place. The University retains the exclusive right to determine the charge assessed for commercial sales. The University has delegated to the coordinator of student life and development the authority to approve commercial sales, designate the sales location, and determine the appropriate charge.


Space for sales and solicitation must be reserved through the office of registration and records, (417) 255-7979. Registered student organizations or University departments that sponsor a non-University organization are encouraged to initiate a formal written agreement with the vendor, and may receive assistance from the office of student life and development. If sales are expected, student organizations must complete a fundraising form, which is available in the office of student life and development and requires approval by the office of development.

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Chancellor Approved April 9, 2019