Dual Credit Courses Offered

The following courses are offered as dual credit at partner high schools. For a list of courses specific to your high school, please consult with your counselor. Descriptions for each course can be found here

ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting

AGR 101 Animal Science

AGR 112 Introduction to Agricultural Business

AGR 115 Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment

AGR 157 Principles of Agricultural Mechanization

AGR 161 Introduction to Horses

AGR 170 Introduction to Horticulture

AGR 172 Greenhouse Management

AGR 178 Landscape Design and Management

AGR 250 Agricultural Communications

ALH 100 Certified Nurse Assistant

ALH 105 Certified Nurse Assistant Clinical

ALH 116 Medical Terminology

ART 115 Drawing I

ART 200 Art in Context

BIO 101 Biological Concepts

BIO 111 Understanding Biological Systems Through Inquiry

BUS 135 Introduction to Business

CFD 160 Principles of Develop in Early Childhood

CFD 260 Supervised Experience in Child Development Laboratories

CGP 145 Introduction to Computer Programming

CHM 116 Fundamentals of Chemistry

CHM 117 Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory

CHM 160 General Chemistry I

CHM 161 General Chemistry I Laboratory

CIS 101 Computers for Learning

CIS 195 Introduction to Desktop Publishing

CIS 205 Website Design and Development

COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

CSC 130 The World of Computer Science

DES 202 Graphic Design Systems

DES 210 Introduction to Computer Graphics

EDU 150 Introduction to Teaching

EDU 202 Teaching Profession Field Experience

EGR 100 Careers in Engineering

EGR 110 Introduction to Engineering Design

ENG 110 Writing I

ENG 210 Writing II: Academic Writing

EPR 110 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

FCA 150 Culinary Arts I

FCA 155 Culinary Arts II

HST 121 Survey of US History to 1877

HST 122 Survey of US History Since 1877

LLT 180 The Heroic Quest

MGT 120 Introduction to Management

MGT 130 Business Mathematics

MGT 286 Business Communications

MTH 136 Pre-Calculus I: Algebra

MTH 137 Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry

MTH 138 Pre-Calculus Mathematics

MUS 241 The Language of Music

PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship

PSY 121 Introductory Psychology

SOC 150 Principles of Sociology

TEC 100 Survey of Electronics