Payment Information

My Payment Plan Information

Missouri State University-West Plains has a deferred payment plan that allows students to defer payment of required student fees at time of registration.

The required student fees must be paid in monthly installments as follows:

For classes that begin in August:

Fall Semester (3 Payments) September 15, October 15, November 15 (final payment for classes that begin in Aug)

For classes that begin in January:

Spring Semester (3 Payments) February 15, March 15, April 15 (final payment for classes that begin in Jan)

The monthly minimum payment amount is calculated by dividing the remaining required student fees due by the number of payments per semester. A 1% finance charge is assessed on the unpaid balance each month and added to the minimum payment. Past due amounts may prevent a student from registering for the next semester or from receiving diplomas or transcripts. Students who have already registered for a subsequent semester with a past due amount on their record will have their future registration canceled. See back of Registration Form for complete details.

Please Note: It is the student’s responsibility to complete payments whether or not additional statements are received. Payments must be received by the Missouri State University-West Plains business office, Cass Hall, by the due date specified. In addition, students who withdraw from the University may continue to owe fees if the withdrawal is not registered in writing before the end of the 100% refund period.

Missouri State University has contracted with a third party to process credit card payments to pay balances on accounts for charges. The third party processing company will charge a separate convenience fee of 2.75% which will apply to all credit card payments. The University does not share in this fee. Payments made by check or electronic check will not have a fee.

Paper bills will not be mailed. Bills are available electronically only through An email will be sent to the student’s University email account when a bill is ready to be viewed.