Submitting Final Grades

If at any point you have questions during the grading process, you are welcome to contact the Office of the Registrar—417-255-7979 or

First…logging into My Grizzly Den

  • Go to My Grizzly Den, located at and enter BearPass Login and password into the appropriate fields.

Note: You will only have access to assign grades to students enrolled in the classes for which you are the instructor of record.

  1. Along the top of the page click the Teaching & Advising tab.
  2. Locate the Faculty Grade Assignment channel. Your course list should be present.
  3. Make sure the appropriate grading type (Midterm Grades or Final Grades) is selected in the drop-down menu. If the course you are attempting to grade does not show in the list, click on Go. If after clicking go it still does not appear, make sure you are the instructor of record.
  4. Click the symbol to the right of the appropriate course name to start grading. Clicking on the name of the course will not take you to a grade roster, but rather to a course description from the class schedule online.
  5. Click on the drop down next to each name in the Grade Column to choose the correct grade for each student.
    If you assign a grade of 'F', you must do one the following:
    • If the student never attended class, enter the first day of the class in the Last Attend Date field and 0 in the Attend Hours field.
    • If the student attended part of the semester then quit attending and has not returned, enter the date of last attendance in the Last Attend Date field. If you do not know the exact date, provide your best estimate.
    • If the student finished the class, enter the last date of your class in the Last Attend Date field and 999 in the Attend Hours field. It is critical that you fill in the Last Attend Date and the Attend Hours fields if assigning a failing grade. If you do not, the system will not save any of the grades.
  6. While assigning grades, click the Submit button at the bottom of the list frequently. This action will save the grades you have entered to that point. Because the system is designed to timeout every 15 minutes for security reasons, you should submit your information at least every 14 minutes to ensure your grades are saved.
    • NOTE You do not need to assign all grades at one time. As long as the grading period is open, you may return to the Faculty Grade Assignment channel to continue assigning grades or make changes to grades you have already assigned.
  7. When the grades have been entered, click on Submit at the bottom of the page.
  8. Once the grades have been submitted, scroll to the top of the page. Make sure there are no error messages. If any grade generates an error, none of the grades will be successfully submitted. In most cases, a pop-up window will warn you there is an error to check. However, please use caution to check for errors on your own as well.
  9. If grades have been successfully entered, you will see a message that says ‘The changes you made were saved successfully.’ You will also receive a pop-up window confirming this.
  10. To verify that all grades have been entered, return to the teaching and advising tab in My Missouri State. Next to each class you will see one of four symbols
  11. To navigate to another course, click the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the page. You can also return to the My Missouri State Teaching and Advising tab to get back to the Faculty Grade Assignment channel.